Retrospective Atlantis

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Retrospective Atlantis

Unread postby TruffleHunter » Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:10 pm

I bought Dan Brown's new book Inferno and immersed myself totally into the book, I started researching everything I found in the book mainly information relating to the renaissance era classic 'Dante's Inferno' the book of travelling through hell.

I even created a google map showing every place that is mentioned in the book.

So I ordered 30mg of Atlantis and half way through my journey into Dan Brown's inferno I took 30mg of Atlantis and I can only describe the experience as a retrospective psychotic nightmare into hell, and I loved every second of it.

I must of thought I was going to die several times, I had visions of Jesus being crucified, all sorts of strange hellish visions and was definitely in communion with a very dark power.

I've never experience visuals like I did this night, it was like everything was painted over with new textures, ie. I looked down at a white footpath and it was not concrete any more, it was made from many layers of leaf shaped mesh, perspective of objects was completely skewed, a ditch or wall about 12 feet tall seemed to be 5 feet, amazing other worldly experience.

Previous to this night I took 50mg of Atlantis and I did not find it overwhelming so I really feel that truffles are entirely retrospective, it depends upon what is in your short term memory that shapes what the actual trip will be like.
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