Magic Truffles: The Effects

How do Magic Truffles work?

Magic Truffles: The Effects

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The effects named hereinafter are frequently experienced and you will possibly experience them too. Truffles alter the perceptions of the user. Colours seem more intense and kaleidoscopic structures can be visible, especially in the twilight or with the eyes closed. Real hallucinations, in the sense that the user no longer knows the difference between perception and reality, do not occur with large doses. Objects can seem as if they are made of rubber (the undulate and pulse). Illusions of sound and senses can also occur; a second seems like an hour and vice versa. During a trip, the tripper’s short – term memory functions badly; often he / she no longer knows the subject of a meaning at the end, or can “lose his way” on the way to the toilet. The subjective notion of “I” or the ego can be wiped away, with the result that users feel as if they are a part of the universe and that all in the universe is a part of them; this can evoke very mystical feelings. Other distinguishing characteristics of a truffle trip are uncontrolled floods of laughter (laughter kick), and intense joy. But these are just examples, we, lots of other psychonauts are very curious after your own personal experiences!!
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