How it works?

How do Magic Truffles work?

How it works?

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The substances which are responsible for the effect of truffles are just the same as in magic mushrooms, psilocybine en psilocine. Psilocybine is converted into Psilocyne in the body, because of the fact that the mode of action of both substances is similar. Psilocine is a particular body substance which is very similar to serotonin. In this manner, the psilocine attaches itself to specific receptors in the brain and functions like serotonin. Because the amount of dopamine and serotonin in the brain are normally in equilibrium, the serotonin will predominate.

Serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters which ensure that sensory observations are passed on to the brain, with the effect that when you have signals correctly interpreted, things seem just as they are. If serotonin predominates, one experiences a euphoric feeling which combines with the incorrect transmission of sensory observations to the brain. Thus you experience things differently from how they really are, which in its turn can have amusing effects. These substances, which occur in differing percentages up to ± 1,5 % of the dry weight of the hallucinogenic grains, belong to the safest class of hallucinogenic drugs known. They take effect in short order, leave the body quickly, are almost impossible to overdose on, and up till today, as far as is known, no cases of addiction have been reported. Most users limit the use of truffles to one or a few times per quarter. You will find more information about it at

Depending on factors such as stomach contents, gender, body structure, etc, the effect should set in approximately thirty minutes to an hour after ingestion, and last for approximately 4 – 6 hours, depending on the quantity taken. Most by-products of psilocine leave the body within eight hours via the normal means. However, spores can be found in the blood for up to a week after. Psilocine has a so-called cross tolerance with other trip drugs. A person who has taken LSD for example, will not experience anything from ingesting truffles, and vice versa.
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