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So I have finally been able to try the Dutchii truffles a few times and have to say all of my trips were excellent. My first few trips were great but never got me to the level I wanted to go. I did 10 grams doses twice in a 2 week period and was great so I ordered some more of the Dutchii truffles. I did have a dragonslayer the first time in my order as well but did not get me to the level I wanted to get to. (By that I'm saying opened eye visual effects, spiritual effects, insights, heightened senses, and closed eye visuals) So I did 10 grams again after receiving my next order and was getting close to what I wanted but still wasn't completely satisfied until my next dose... I had 2 bags left with one bag being a full 15 gram pack then one with about 11 grams. I was with a friend who has never tried mushrooms and we were exited to do them together. It has been about 4 days from my last trip but was worried I had a tolerance and wouldn't get me to my desired place and would be a waste... WRONG!!! We ate them around 10:50 pm that night and not to lie but the truffles can be quite bitter. They're not as bad as mushrooms I can assure you that but they aren't something that enjoyable to eat!

T+40minutes: Now by this time it's 11:30 and noticed some body sensations 5 minutes ago and know that soon I will notice the effects get stronger from there. I had about 6 grams of kratom I was able to do and after I ate the truffles I took about 4 grams of energizing kratom to add an extra bit of mind expansion, euphoria, some energy, and to add to the already amazing body high from magic truffles.

T+1 hour: The effects are definatly noticeable and I have been getting some kratom burps so I know the kratom will start flowing any minute. Colors have changed dramatically and my mindset and thoughts have totally changed completely. We both look around the room noticing little things like how the red curtain in his room is "so red" and is a color I haven't seen so perfect and detailed! Visuals have been showing themselves more and more by the minute. His pictures of an ocean and a clear pond begin to flow naturally and the waves look as if they are crashing onto the shore and tell my buddy how beautiful everything is and how happy I am to be hanging out with him doing these together!

T+90 minutes: Everything has just been so crazy and my mind is just going so deep and getting that spiritual feeling and deep introspect I was looking for before I tried truffles! We are playing music from my iPhone and doesn't even sound real. I know every song on my phone and how they sound but that night it sounded so unusual and new that it was giving me the strongest euphoria. Like people have said before here that music can change the feelings of the trip and it's so true, each song can give the room a certain feel and you can be mellow then a dubstep can come and we just start dancing outta nowhere! We also at this time have some weed to smoke but I'm experienced with using marijuana so I know that I won't get paranoid and have an anxiety attack like some people do mixing weed. We smoke some very potent weed and that instantly shot us into space like literally Darth Vader came into my buddy's bathroom we smoked in and took us straight out of this world to a new one full of mystery and euphoria around every corner. If you're looking for visuals and you can handle your marijuana use then I would recommend you use weed on these truffles you will be the happiest person alive. My closed eye visuals were so real and the first actual closed eye visuals this precise and stunning that I don't even know my eyes were closed...

I didn't remember much after this but I just remember everything was perfect and felt like I was in heaven. The beauty in the magic world brought by truffles will blow anyone away and how good you feel adds to it as well. 10/10 experience and I'm so glad I finally got to the deep place I wanted to go and am going to order again soon as well... CUSTOMER FOR LIFE <3
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