Tell us how your trip was...

Tell us here what you experienced after consuming magic truffles

Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby Mr. Truffles » Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:50 am

Please share with us what kind of effects the truffles had on you.
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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby Mr. Truffles » Wed May 01, 2013 8:55 am

One of our U.S. customers shared the following experience with us:

Wonderful experience! I really enjoyed composing music and just being one with nature...obviously these things are fun to do sober, but it definitely enhanced the feel..not to mention you feel great afterwards to!
...I was hoping to place same order but this time try a different strain of with more of a predominantly visual with the ones I ordered last time had a mental & visual effect...let me know when you guys get a chance, thank you!

On Apr 15, 2013 2:24 PM, "*******" <> wrote:
Just wanted to thank you guys once again & to let you know the package arrived without any problems!
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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby leerbroeker » Fri May 10, 2013 8:39 am

Well that was a great experience.

In the past I have used a lot of mushrooms when they were still legal in Holland. This was the first time of truffles though. And I must say it was big fun.
Especially visual was fantastic, the pulsating of everything around me with light flashes and in the end realising that one of the moving things around me was actually my dog that really moved. Fucking hilarious!!
Me and my girl used it in the middle of the woods with no on in range closer then 15 Km. Fantastic feeling to be in nature like that.

Looking foreward to my next delivery.
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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby leemir » Mon May 27, 2013 10:17 am

First timers trufflers,we took in central Amsterdam n had a good first experience.
Definite pulsating and increased visuals,found myself stareing at object for two seconds but
thinking was for ages,had some laughter sessions too which was funny as .... Ha don't think was over
anything in particular either ha brilliant.
Great first time will be doing again
Recommend trying!!!!!!!
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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby trip » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:04 pm

The trip is awesome never had something like this before i am on them atm and well its so fantastic im having so many happy feelings and i love them
I ate like 5g but the taste was terrible so i made a tea and well this was the best idea ever i had 3 teas with 5g each in the past 4 hours and im lovin it.
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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby churchpiff » Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:20 am

I purchased the 50-gram family pack of atlantis truffles. I was definitely satisfied with my experience but it did not meet my expectations. I have tripped on mushrooms once before and it was amazing. There was an unexplained bonding with my friends, amazing visuals and at times, uncontrollable laughter. So with that experience in mind, I judged my trip with the atlantis truffle. I started off with the 8-10 gram recommended serving (not having used psychedelics since those mushrooms - 8 months ago) but after a full hour felt as if I was still in the "coming up" phase of my trip. I was a bit restless and felt like I really needed to try to force my vision if I wanted to see anything visually. My attempts were successful but if I didn't maintain focus I kept coming back to reality. I definitely felt a bit of a body high but in general I felt very unfulfilled and disappointed. My thoughts were wandering and unorganized. I could relate all of these affects to the "coming up" phase experienced with my trip on mushrooms, which quickly passed as my trip proceeded to climax. Disappointed, I decided to eat the remaining 40 or so grams. I was confident in my ability to handle a higher dosage especially considering the poor trip I was currently experiencing. That probably sounds stupid to many of you but I was looking to see some really cool stuff. After devouring the rest of the truffles at a leisurely pace, I finally started to experience the desired effects: colorful visuals, abstract thoughts, laughter and joy. These effects lasted for about an hour before beginning to tapper off. I took a nice long walk through the neighborhood and was disappointed once again when the intensiveness of the trip began to wane. I was still enjoying myself and feeling residual effects but I was expecting them to last longer. Especially considering the fact I just ate and entire "family pack" to the dome. About 3 hours had passed since eating the first 10 grams. In the end I have to say that I'm satisfied with my first truffle experience/trial and expect more from my next one. I am definitely going to buy more, maybe 100 or 250 grams and eat about 30-40 really quickly, munching on more as necessary. I am very surprised considering the other customer experiences as mine was not as fulfilling. I will also note that my truffles were brown and nowhere near the hue of green displayed on the pictures of the atlantis truffle on the website. Maybe they were a less potent batch. I received them in the USA 2 days after they were reported being shipped from the Netherlands. I ate them one day after arrival (I kept them in my fridge as directed for that day) fresh out of the vacuum seal. My order was number 10808 for's reference.
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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby deizellove » Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:19 pm

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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby TomGouder » Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:31 pm

I purchased 10 grams of the 'Dragon Slayer' truffle. It was my first time purchasing truffles, so I didn't really know what to buy at the time.

I come from a small island south of Italy, called Malta. We have a big forest - I decided to bring a friend and go to the forest to take them.

At around 11:00 I stopped to eat a sandwich and decided to also eat the full 10 grams. I read it was important to carefully chew the truffles to release the psilocybin accordingly.

I then walked for a good hours, then i realized it hit me. Although it didn't have much of a visual effect, it was great. I laughed, felt an extremely euphoric feeling and was amazed by the beauty of the nature surrounding me. Everything looked as if it was filtered by an Instagram filter - absolutely beautiful.

And now, I'm happy to say that tomorrow I'll be trying out a more demanding dosage - 15 grams of the 'Dutchii' truffle. Extremely excited. Hopefully all goes well.

tl;dr Had an amazing experience - will definitely buy again.

Cheers & thanks,

P.S. The staff at [url]d[/url]
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Atlantis Truffle Tea Recipe

Unread postby John » Sun May 18, 2014 11:35 pm

I seem to get sick when I eat truffles & therefore don't experience the full effects so I prepared the truffles as a tea. FANTASTIC is all I can say. I just placed another order for Atlantis. Crush the truffles into fine mush (while still in vacuum pack) & add to a coffee mug. Add very hot (not boiling) water 2/3 full. Cover & steep for 20 minutes then add hot (not boiling) water to top off your mug & enjoy. For best results eat the mush at the bottom of your cup. 11 hours later still had color light visuals with eyes closed going to sleep!
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Re: Tell us how your trip was...

Unread postby dobro » Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:56 am

Bought 50g Atlantis for 3 people. Very pleasant and intense experience! Indeed the visuals are not so stunning as from mushrooms, but still there is plenty bending of the shapes and colours around you.
The massive impact on thinking and expressing yourself with speech and gestures is unique, weird and very deep. Me and two other persons shared the 50g pack and we were digging our minds like moles for about 3-4 hours. Talking, laughing, listening to music and staring how paintings from our walls came to live.. together with the walls :). We felt each one of us as different beings, our faces were taking strange shapes and colours and sometimes we were talking as one person. We had couple of moments when one of us was talking something so important for our existence that the other couldn’t say anything and the the "talking stick" was passed to another ... like we were at a conference discussing our past and future as a whole. The feeling was both dramatic and euphoric. There is a lot more to say but these are the highlights.
The effect faded gradually and then we drunk some beers afterward for relaxation. We were in apartment, but didn’t felt claustrophobic. Next time I'll try those truffels in the forest as I do with mushrooms.
Big thank to the Magic truffles’ team for their dedication and great service!
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