Conservation problems

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Conservation problems

Unread postby clemrise » Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:34 pm

Hello everyone,

One month ago, I received a vacuum 100 gram Atlantis Family Pack XL about four days after ordering them on It was well packed and the shipping was very fast.

As none of the people whom I wanted to try it with had free time to do it with me right away, I waited until yesterday before I finally opened the vacuum pack, took 20 grams out of it and shared it with my friend. The trip lasted intensely for about three hours, before it started to slowly go down. It was amazing and I thank for allowing me to live that mind blowing experience.

However, today I went to work, and when I came back tonight I decided I wanted to make tea out of the 80 grams I had left. Yesterday, right away after sharing the truffles with my friend, I put what was left of the truffles in a clean plastic box, closed it carefully and put it right back into the fridge. When I opened the box again today, most of the truffles had turned into a gray-blackish color (instead of their original yellowish color). I figured out it had turned bad and threw everything away.

My friend, who is the one who introduced to me, had also previously ordered a vacuum 100 gram Atlantis Family Pack XL, and he kept it in the fridge for two months. When, a week ago, he decided to take it with one of his friends, he noticed that the truffles had turned into a darker color and were a little bit humid. They each ate 12 grams of it, waited, but the effect never came and my friend ended up throwing away the rest of his truffles.

Now I am wondering what we could have done wrong so that our vacuum pack truffles that should last three months in the fridge, don't actually last that long, and turn bad very, very quickly after opening (only one day !). We both spent more than 100 euros to get these truffles, and we could enjoy so little of it. It is very frustrating.

Has anyone ever experience the same situation ? I feel like next time, I won't need to order so much truffles at the same time, and that the vacuum thing doesn't seem to help.
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Re: Conservation problems

Unread postby Mr. Truffles » Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:26 am

Hi Clemrise,

First of all, sorry to hear your expensive truffles didn't turn out to do the things you expected them to be. I'll try to explain the things that happened.

In the closed vacuum package, there isn't any oxygen for the truffles to react with, so it goes into a hybernate mode, conservated. Once the package is opened, the truffle, which is a living organism, will start to react with the oxygen, and the outside of the truffle will turn dark, this is because the cells on the outside of the truffle have died, but the truffle itself is still good to eat. You just need to wash it, and can still be eaten, even though it's darker. So you didn't really have to throw them away, but i can understand your reaction.

Now your friend is a different situation, he might have received a bad batch, so if he could send us an email, to, we can see if we can work something out...Let him also include your name and order, and i'll see what i can do.

Mr. Truffles
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Mr. Truffles
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Re: Conservation problems

Unread postby clemrise » Tue May 20, 2014 10:17 am

Hi Mr. Truffles,

Thank you very much for your response !

Now I know why some truffles turned into a dark color. I guess my reaction was a little bit to quick, I should have searched for more information before throwing all that was left away. Thank you for your detailed explanation.

I will tell my friend to send you a message on the email adress you have given me.

I still want to say that your customer service is excellent, and that my first experience with the truffles was amazing. I am going to order some more within the next few days. Can't wait to get them !


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