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Unread postby Dragan » Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:20 am


I wish other countries in the world would take magic truffles in consideration and start legalizing them like in Holland,most of the people are negative towards magic truffles and think they'll harm you but in fact its the only food which will make a person feel better.

Most of the people think they are hard hallucinogenic drugs but in fact they'll more probably just make you healthier and happier.Your skin will soften and become smooth,your nails will become harder than with other normal foods which make them brittle,and your face might become prettier.

I am glad Holland has been the precursor to magic truffles and hope that they understand what they are selling,and keep it legal,I also hope they'll convince other countries to legalize this product because every human beings are in need of this...For the wellness of humanity.

Thank you.
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