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Dragons Dynamite

Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:56 pm
by sosophia
Hello people.

I want to start by saying Amsterdam was definitely the best holiday I've been on in my life.
I want to continue by saying I respect Psychedelics and I love having great mind trips.

I tried Dragons Dynamite on the 30th May 2014 and I have never experienced such drastic hallucinations in my LIFE.
I've tried LSD a few times before and I expected it to be similar to LSD because the man who sold it to me said it was.
Anyway, me being me... I had never tried any truffles before and I go for the second strongest dose.

Let me explain my experience.....

I ate just over half of the packet and soon after I done that I went outside to smoke a joint (they say this isn't really advised) but I don't really listen as much as I should lol.

I was half way through my joint and the wooden floor outside of my hotel started moving slightly... So I knew I had to go back inside to my Hotel room.

As I got there, I was TRIPPING!!!!!

It was fairly similar to LSD at the beginning when it first kicks in but then afterwards when you're peaking, things start to MELT.

I got paranoid and thought I may have eaten too much but the packet had enough for one person to use on a 1 day basis.

At first when I took it my mood was incredible. I felt SO happy and was laughing to myself about a lot of things.

All of a sudden my mood changed and I started getting negative thoughts.
My friend was in the bed next to me taking a nap.
I was tripping SOOOOOO hard that when I was stretching my arms, as I was looking at them my arms looked like they were shrinking...... Not only did they LOOK like they were shrinking, they also FELT as if they were.

I started getting scared and was having a bad trip.
I tried to wake my friend up and when he eventually woke up I told him that I wish I never took it because I'm tripping so hard and I just want it to stop.

I was looking at myself getting scared. I really didn't expect our minds to be THAT powerful....

It was a scary experience for me when I started thinking bad thoughts and tripping on the hallucination side of things...

However, I told my friend to talk to me so I could feel reassured because I started questioning whether I would be stuck like that forever (even when I know that is ridiculous to even think let alone say.)

Time went on and me and my friend were discussing mind power, psychedelics and other interesting topics which were just flowing out naturally in the conversations I was having with him.

All in all, I do not regret the experience. I learned a lot about it and I only used it to gain knowledge on the spiritual side of things. What I CAN tell you is that these drugs are amazing for a greater altered consciousness. It seemed like things started to make sense and I felt like I was the universe and I have been here many times before.

My advise to anyone who has never tried truffles is STICK TO THE WEAKEST ONE.