What do you need to know about Magic Truffles?


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Truffles come in several sizes and shapes. They vary from quite small grains of several millimetres to stones of tens of centimetres in size. The large truffles are broken into smaller pieces so as not to exceed the maximal dose of 15 grams. The size says nothing about the strength or the quality. Generally, it so happens that when you come across a container with only very small grains, that the truffles are underdeveloped and have not reached their full potential. If there are large and small grains in the container, then the bag or jar where the truffles are sprouting has attained its growth, and from this you can take it that the cultivation has been done carefully, and that the truffles are picked at the right moment. The truffles can be kept for over a month, when refrigerated at 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. Since truffles are a “living” product, it can happen that a white mist or white fluff “grows” on the truffles . This is harmless, and in fact it is actually healthy. The truffle forms new mycelium, and thus it is its own mould that you see growing. This phenomenon occurs due to lack of gas exchange, which lets the CO2 content in the container increase.

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