My experience here. YMMV

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My experience here. YMMV

Unread postby WillieFudpucker » Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:50 pm

I want to describe my experience with this site with the hope it answers some questions for others.
I'm in the northeast US, resident of a big city you've probably heard of. A first timer doing business with this site. It's been about 20 years since I've consumed anything psychedelic. Lots of booze and weed since then.
Anyway, the process took 3 weeks to complete.
3 days to convert dollars to euros. Placed my order. Sent cash via registered USPS, but declared $0 value.
1 week after that for this site to acknowledge payment received and to announce shipment.
11 days more to receive package. Three weeks total if you include the cash conversion.
The tracking status on the TNT Post tracking number in my email never progressed beyond "sorting process". So, YMMV, but I would not use that as an accurate status of shipment. That alone led me to think there was a problem. There wasn't.

Yeah, I was a little worried about customs intercepting or local LEO making an example out of me... but not overly concerned about that.

My package was discretely packaged, vacuum sealed and there was a second, much smaller package that I presume covered the over-payment sent. Over-paid because I did not want to send coins and the smallest paper denomination is 5 euro.
The contents seemed fresh, no obvious sign of rot or mold. I took what I am guess was about 15 grams of the 100+ I received.
I'm 6'1" and a solid 240 lbs. Took a modest handful ... about a golf ball sized clump of smallish stones on an empty stomach, was sober, well hydrated and chewed them up thoroughly into a paste before swallowing.
1 hour for the come up. This was a little rough for me, a bit like mild alcohol withdrawals (jitters).
A mild 3-4 hour trip. Went for a 1 hour walk just after sunset through a nearby park. The city lights were especially beautiful. Euphoric throughout and completely in control of my faculties. No crash and I am 100% functional the following morning.
I was expecting a bigger kick, something more intense. Not sure if my dose was too small, or the product weaker than I imagined, or maybe I have a high tolerance for intoxication due to many years of heavy drinking?
Next time, I'm going to take between 50% and 100% more now that I know what a handful is like.

Legit site. I will be doing business here again in the months to come.
Be safe. Have fun.
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Re: My experience here. YMMV

Unread postby Mr_Natural » Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:37 pm

Thanks for the review! I am in a large city in southeast FL. Used to pick up mushrooms outta cow dung all the time (they grow great down here), but I'm older now, and I don't want to walk through the fields anymore, I am permanently disabled from a car accident back in 2005.
Anyway, I saw that you converted US Dollars into Euros. Do you know if that it's okay to send them Dollars US? They say they accept US cash, I wasn't intending to switch to Euros. Anyway, thanks for the review, very articulate and to the point!
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