Out of the Fridge

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Out of the Fridge

Unread postby davo_57 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:40 pm

Hi there.
Just want to say what a great job you guys are doing! My friend and i first took your truffles on a trip to amsterdam this year and had one of the funniest nights ever. We didnt go crazy (7.5g each) but we are a little bit older and more experienced not to necessarily want a full blow 6 hour trip these days!

Anyway, when we got home i remembered seeing your website on the box label in the 'dam and so looked you guys up when i was next with my friend. I couldnt believe we could actually order them over the internet. Obviously being a little sceptical of such things, we took a chance and ordered a batch from you guys and found the customer service was excellent, delivery fast, discreet and we will definitely be buying again. (For those of you contemplating buying some truffles these guys are top notch. You dont have to worry about the process at all).

Anyway, question is: I have stored my vacuum pack in the fridge for 6 weeks and are all set ready to go tomorrow. When we open them a) do i need to wash them? b) should we dry the slight condensation off of them? and c) do i need to take them out of the fridge any time before to let them reach room temperature before we eat them?

Thanks for your time and look forward to another fun night!

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Re: Out of the Fridge

Unread postby Mr. Truffles » Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:57 am

Hi davo_57,

The truffles are ready to eat, just like those what you bought in Amsterdam earlier.
The best thing is if you open the vacuum pack right before you eat it, and you don't have to take them out from the fridge in advance. If you like you can wash them (only with cold water), its harmless.

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